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Here we include information on different channels of communication and participation, the different approved policies, certifications obtained, etc.

Workplace health, safety and well-being policy Link  
Quality policy Link  
Security policy Link  
Environmental and energy policy Link  
Gender equality policy Link  
Behavior code Link  
Language policy Link  
Social commitment Link  
Certificates and Diplomas    
KZgunea Services PDF (124 KB)  
Q-epea KZgunea Services PDF (146 KB)  
Basque Award for Advanced Management PDF (701 KB)  
Quality Management System PDF (182 KB)  
Environmental Management System PDF (252 KB)  
Energy efficiency management system PDF (252 KB)  
Occupational Health and Safety Management System PDF (266 KB)  
Information Security System Management PDF (192 KB)  
Collaborating Entity for the Equality of Men and Women PDF (107 KB)  
5S Diploma PDF (202 KB)  
Information Technology Services Management System PDF (129 KB)  
National Security Framework compliance PDF (300 KB)  
Awards and recognitions   Link
Code of Ethics and Good Governance   Link
Customer service and participation channels   Link
Access to public Information   Link