Transparency portal

General Principles

Public organizations, in performing their functions and in response to their responsibility to the society, must work to guarantee the transparency of information; a matter that is as critical or even more so than in private companies. Citizens, as ultimate owners of the public organizations, have a legitimate demand for an effective management of their information, backed by the existence of clear procedures and business structures with public access, and the dissemination of truthful and reliable information.

Transparency, as one of the operating principles of the Basque Public Administrations in its relationship with society, demands that all information available is of the utmost quality, that is, truthful, clear, coherent and available in a timely manner, materially relevant, structured, concise, understandable, complete, secure, of easy access, multi-channel, multi-format, inter-operational and reusable in the legally established terms.

The principle of transparency demands that the Basque Public Administration publishes the information periodically and that it be up-to-date and relevant to guarantee the transparency of its activity with regards to each function, control and collaboration of the citizenship in its public actions. This information must also be accessible in the public entities´ corresponding electronic headquarters or websites.

And the principle of active publicity is understood as the Basque Public Administration´s commitment to periodically publish and update information in an understandable fashion to its citizens, all information that is relevant to its functions as a means to foment communicative interaction.

To comply with all of this, EJIE has developed this TRANSPARENCY PORTAL.