The managed infrastructure services provide clients of the convergence with a variety of subscription options for meeting the needs of their business processes. The services provide all the features of cloud architecture, including IaaS, hosting (basic for servers, intermediate for platforms and advanced for applications) and no cloud as housing and allocation of physical servers.

The infrastructure services support hardware and software infrastructures from the rest of the convergence services.



EJIE has the following services in the infrastructure line:


The service covers the global technological management of applications, computing, storage, networks and contingencies in a flexible way. It covers the entire life cycle from identifying systems to be integrated into the Batera Cloud including definition and transition to the cloud and operating and supporting it after integration.

  • Basic Hosting - server management: This service modality is geared towards clients who have independence for managing their information technology platforms, but who prefer to not worry about managing the infrastructure that supports those platforms. In addition to the services offered in the IaaS modality, basic hosting includes specialized technical support available to collaborate on managing incidents and problems that arise in the infrastructure and that the client's IT team cannot solve by itself.
  • Intermediate Hosting - platform management: This service modality is geared towards clients who want to have control over their own business applications, but they do not want to worry about managing the standard platforms and products needed for their business applications to work properly, in addition to the infrastructure management already included in the Basic modality. It likewise includes specialised technical support for queries and problems that may include escalation to the manufacturer.
  • Advanced Hosting - application management: This modality is geared towards clients seeking the highest quality of service. Our support teams will be in charge of fully managing and administering the client's main databases and products that support their business applications. It is based on a standardization of those business applications and their life cycles, maximizing availability and security.

In an infrastructure modality as a cloud service (Cloud IaaS), the IaaS service provides an agile model of information technologies that prioritises speed and flexibility.

It is a Cloud with hybrid interoperability based on automated Infrastructure and secure application segmentation that is conceived to provide IT services to the Basque Government, Autonomous Bodies (AB) and other Entities of the Basque Public sector.

The IaaS service can be internally fed by Public Cloud services in a way that is transparent for clients.

This service provides managed storage for clients who request it. Depending on the kind of origin service that needs to access and consume this storage service, one kind of storage or another will be provided depending on several factors like access protocol, performance or capacity. This service provides clients with access to a data storage platform. It can be used for data transfers and redundant storage or to restore lost or damaged data.

This is a managed backup service consumed by all clients whose information systems reside on BATERA, in addition to all clients who request it.

This service provides clients with data protection by executing backup processes for their data every day. It can be used for protection as well as for restoring any lost or damaged data.

This service provides physical space and facilities for incorporating a client's own infrastructure elements in the EJIE DPC. In addition to physical space, electrical connections, climate control, internet connection, installation and deinstallation, recycling and remote hand options and backup tape storage are provided.