Who we are



Rather often, we face completely different challenges that enable us to change the way we do things and try to find better solutions.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about blockchain, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

However, who’s to know what challenges we'll face in the future.


In a proof of concept, "unreal" scenarios that could even be called games are pursued in laboratory environments.

However, one thing we have clear is that the end goal of a proof of concept is to find an application in a real production environment.

To those ends, the next stage is to apply one of the evaluated technologies in production in an isolated environment, where it's called an innovation project.


From the start, the company has shown a clear commitment to operating in accordance with management processes and frameworks (e.g. ISO 9001 and ISO 20001).

In the framework of technology, the technology watch system process has been modelled following the guidelines described in UNE166006.

We believe that being rigorous and methodical is the source of good results. To those ends, our praxis is to acquire knowledge, evaluate using proofs of concept and find an application in innovation projects.


The world is too big to go it alone and that's why we need to form alliances.