The services related with the connections needed by convergence clients are concentrated in the communications area. The telecommunications services needed to be able to connect to the private EJIE network and the external world are also included in this line.


The goal of the WAN connectivity service is to meet all the data transmission needs of all kinds between EJ/GV buildings. Management and hiring of external services for the infrastructure implementation works required for each client will be centralised.

This is a service that facilitates providing SMS service to entities and bodies in the public sector that wish to use the service. The service has the following characteristics:

  • A guaranteed and exclusive flow capacity of 200 SMS/second for each entity (not shared).
  • The flow capacity can be expanded if needed for special campaigns.

This service provides a VoIP platform that lets entities subscribed to the service provide telephone, contact centre and operator terminal services.

This service fulfils the needs of client entities and users in regards to managed and secure mobile communications (voice, data and additional value added services).

The web browsing service consists of the following functionalities depending on the service hired:

  • Safe internet access for people, teams and applications in the organisation.
  • Safe internet access for people outside the organisation .
  • Web browsing filtering based on URL reputation and categorisation.
  • Basic threat detection based on traditional anti-virus technology.
  • Advanced threat detection based on sandboxing technology.

This video-conferencing and video management platform will let entities that join the service have access to the features below:

  • Hold video-conferences between people from the same entity, different entities or external entities. Those users may join a video-conference using any device that meets the requirements (desktop, mobile, tablet VoIP, conventional phone or a specifically equipped room).
  • Record audio and video of video-conferences.
  • View content broadcast live or on demand.
  • Advanced audiovisual content editing.

The goal of the LAN and WiFi connectivity management service is to update existing infrastructures of the entities in addition to providing any new infrastructure that may be necessary. In addition, the service includes the internet access requested by the entities.

This service is for providing secure remote connections that make secure remote access to any entity's network on the internet possible based on authentication and encryption. With the current growth in remote work, this service provides adhered entities with a security strategy.