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Responsable Governance

Within the framework of the Responsible Governance Guide drawn up by the Economic Control Office of the Department of the Economy and Taxation of the Government of the Basque Country, EJIE has implemented a code of conduct and put a series of policies and line of action in place in the environmental, information security, gender equality and occupational health and safety fields.

This code of conduct aims to provide an overall general vision of EJIE’s fundamental policies and guidelines that govern our relations with our stakeholders. It clearly and transparently sets forth the commitments we assume with all stakeholders and acts as a guide in our professional activities.

Code of Conduct (PDF, 303 KB)

EJIE, S.A. (Eusko Jaurlaritzaren Informatika Elkartea), a public information technology services corporation with the mission of contributing to the creation of a modern, efficient Basque Public Administration within the legal framework established by the Government, acts as a common tool for provision of information system services. It constructs and maintains the infrastructures of the information technology system and ensures their continuity and security on the basis of a qualified workforce, adequate resources and costs consistent with demand.

We are aware of our social responsibility as a driving force and example to society in general and therefore assume the following commitments with respect to our head offices located at Avenida del Mediterraneo 14, Vitoria-Gasteiz:

  • Commitment to sustainability and environmental rights provided for in the General Environmental Protection Act 3/98 dated 27 February.
  • Commitment to the prevention of pollution through incorporation of the environment into the daily management of our organisation, improving our day-to-day environmental performance and providing the information and resources required to achieve our objectives and targets.
  • To achieve continuous improvement in our environmental and energy performance by incorporating energy efficiency criteria inti the design of our facilities and the services we provide beyond mere compliance with th environment-related legislation and that related to the use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency.
  • Commitment to communication with suppliers, citizens and other external stakeholders by gradually including environmental and energy efficiency criteria into the purchase of products and procurement of services that depend on our organisation.

Like any human activity our organisation impacts the environment. Therefore we will identify and assess our main environmental aspects and train our personnel on the environment-related aspects of our activity and their functions to ensure that their conduct in the workplace reflects our commitment to the environment.

At EJIE, we're highly aware of our impact on society. Not just in regards to the environment and energy, which stem from our corporate mission, but also in regards to our capacity to positively impact our surroundings through sharing knowledge, resources, good practices and lessons learned and by supporting initiatives by other organisations that share our values.

Based on those principles, EJIE is committed to:

  1. Reducing the impact of our activity on the environment and implementing and certifying a rigorous environmental and energy management system.
  2. Ensuring and promoting transparency in our business through disseminating information of interest generated by our organisation to the general public and responding to questions posed to us by society.
  3. Actively participating in promoting the Basque ITC sector and contributing to practical improvements in ITC management systems via leading organisations in the industry and their working groups, as well as events organised for those ends.
  4. Facilitate the use of Basque in citizens' relations with the administration.
  5. Support STEM employment (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), especially those related to Computer Science and Telecommunications among young people in the Basque Country.

While this activity has a fairly broad front, our commitment will focus in the coming years on the next challenge:

Promote the positive vision of STEM vocations (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), especially those related to Information Technology and Telecommunications among young people in Euskadi, so that they are encouraged to pursue higher education in these areas.

EJIE´s Managing Board wants to make public its commitment to Gender Equality, a commitment which, while not new, requires a published account as proof of its guarantee to its compliance and as a leading agent for other organizations and society as a whole.

To maintain the principle of equality and objectivity in EJIE´s actions, favouring the establishment of a business culture based on respect and equality: these are the cohesive elements for the Board´s other objectives established in its Gender Equality Plan.

In this sense, and under this generic commitment, EJIE has in place a Certificate of Good Standing for a Gender Equality Plan, even if it has reached said equality in all its shapes and forms.

This Gender Equality Plan must have a transversal focus, so that the principle of equality is incorporated into its Strategic Plan of Action that is defined by the Board, and for its implementation and evaluation, the board must create and provide the Equality Group the resources to be used for such purposes.

The aim of a real and effective gender equality is supported by ensuring a balanced presence of both sexes in the different participative processes that will be performed by EJIE in the future. Another objective assumed by the Company's Management is to formulate specific proposals for the implementation of as many measures as necessary to act against situations which are interpreted as perpetuating relations and/or positions of inequality within the management of personnel and the guidelines of intervention established in the gender equality plan, and in EJIE´s services and products.

It is the Board´s desire to have the support of the different agents within the Company in implementing the Gender Equality Plan.

In this implementation of the commitment, EJIE´s Value Chain- suppliers, collaborators, etc., and the different Interest Groups that have been identified within our model of Management Excellence must also be implicated. Only this way, by implicating other organizations and people, will we give Society a value that we now claim as central to our own management.

In 2008 we began the systematic application of Gender Equality Plans which is reflected by Emakunde´s acknowledgment as a collaborating entity in gender equality, continuously since 2008, along with the active participation in the networks arising from and boosted by Emakunde, including the Network of Public Entities for Gender Equality, and BAI SAREA-the Network of Collaborating Entities for Gender Equality, which must be the path to follow into the future.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 14 March, 2018

Protocol for handling sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace (PDF, 450 KB)

Protocol against harassment due to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression at work (PDF, 406 KB)

EJIE, a company located at Avenida del Mediterráneo 14 and engaged in the provision of computer services to the Basque Government, has decided to obtain ISO45001 certification, for which, among many other activities, it has established this health, safety and wellbeing at work policy, which is implemented and is divulged to all staff so that they understand it and actively participate in its implementation. It is available to all stakeholders. Health and Safety at work and its management is the responsibility of the EJIE DIRECTORS and MANAGERS who are required to apply it with the same responsibility as the rest of the professional functions entrusted. Accordingly, EJIE will prevent occupational hazards by integrating preventive activity.

The prevention of injuries and illnesses, the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks to staff health are essential objectives that will affect all levels of the EJIE organization. The promotion of healthy and safe working conditions, both for staff and for other companies that perform their duties in our workplace, is essential. Hence, EJIE undertakes to comply with safety standards and enforce compliance with them at all times by all staff and contractors, and to contribute financially to training to improve the capacity and competence of health and safety staff.

In short, our commitment is:

To achieve a high level of staff health, safety and wellbeing through the implementation of an Occupational Risks Prevention Plan and comply, as a minimum, with current legislation and other requirements that the organization endorses, by providing healthy and safe working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health deterioration and eliminating hazards and reducing health risks to staff.

To identify and evaluate the Occupational Health and Safety risks in our activities, as well as those arising from changes and alterations to them and to try to eliminate them or at least control them.

To promote the involvement of staff through the right of consultation and participation of both staff and the legal representation of workers. to ensure that all staff receive appropriate training and information and that they are competent in the tasks they perform.

EJIE undertakes to ensure that preventive activities are transferred to its clientele, to the extent that this is feasible, specifically and based on the activity of EJIE, in relation to safety in the building during any visits, by incorporating the regulations on accessibility of web pages established by the Basque Government into its activity and promoting adequate use of the equipment of the user workstation service that it provides.

To establish promotional activities in the area of Road Safety through the provisions of its Mobility Plan.

To establish and maintain preventive management and continuous improvement programs and provide both human and economic resources to implement these programmes and achieve a high level of occupational health and safety performance.

To develop our corporate purpose and fulfilling our mission. Based on criteria of social responsibility, EJIE is prioritizing the maintenance of a skilled human team committed to the strategy of the organization, in a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment, with gender equality, to promote the personal and professional development of a qualified, motivated and healthy workforce who are able to achieve their physical, social and psychological well-being.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 28 October, 2022

Protocol for handling bullying in the workplace (PDF, 382 KB)

Protocol against sexual harrassment (PDF, 450 KB)

Protocol against harassment due to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression at work (PDF, 406 KB)

Videos about the protocol for handling bullying and sexual harassment in the Workplace

The General Management of EJIE (the Basque Government's IT Company) wishes to make public its commitment to normalise the Basque language. Although this is not a new commitment, it must be highlighted as a guarantee for its fulfilment and as a driving force with regard to other organisations and society as a whole.

In this regard, and under this generic commitment, EJIE will create and seek to implement a Plan to Normalise the Use of the Basque Language until the main objective stated in this language policy can be considered achieved.

This Basque language plan will have a cross-sectoral approach, reaching and being present in those Plans or Strategic Actions that are defined by the Management. In order to implement and evaluate the plan, a Basque Language Commission will be created and equipped with resources.

The main objective of the Basque Language Plan will be to:

Guarantee the use of the Basque language in EJIE's dealings with its customers, in order that they have the opportunity to use the language they wish; likewise, it will be promoted in internal relations with the aim of increasing the level of use of the Basque language.

The Management hopes to count on the support of the Company's various agents in order to properly implement the Basque Language Plan.

In this task of implementing the commitment, it is also necessary to involve the EJIE Value Chain - suppliers, collaborations, etc. - and the various Stakeholders that have been identified within our Excellence for Management model. Only by opening the process up to other organisations and people and promoting their involvement will society benefit from a value that is central to our own management.

EJIE's Language Policy (PDF, 176 KB)

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