Who we are

We are Ejie

EJIE is the technological management body of the Basque Government that facilitates the digitisation of public services, and guarantees the quality, security and continuity of the information and communication technologies that support them.

Our vision

Our management system allows us to deploy the ICT services required by the Basque Public Sector through a complete catalogue of services and advanced service levels, with a competent and healthy professional team, maintaining our commitment to society and deploying innovation throughout all of the organization's processes and services.

Strategic lines

  • STRATEGY: Generate a long-term vision and deploy the systematic and necessary initiatives to serve different stakeholders, seize opportunities, minimize risks, and achieve satisfactory results in a sustainable and balanced manner.
  • CLIENTS: Facilitate the digitization of the services that the Basque Public Sector provides to citizens, guaranteeing the quality, security and continuity of the ICT that support them, and achieve satisfactory results in relation to the client entities of our services and their users.
  • PEOPLE: Maintain a competent human team committed to the organization's strategy for the efficient delivery of services with advanced working conditions, and achieve satisfactory results in relation to the people of the organization.
  • SOCIETY: Improve our social environment by taking advantage of the potential of our organization; effectively manage the resources used to minimize our environmental impact; and achieve satisfactory results in relation to our society and environmental aspects.
  • INNOVATION: Continuously innovate and improve our processes and services to keep them at the forefront of the public sector and achieve satisfactory results with respect to innovation in the organization.