Contractor Profile


Companies awarded contracts for the services procured by EJIE must be familiar with, fill out and sign the following documents for each order or tender submission regardless of the particular conditions applicable in each case.

Safety policy for the suppliers’ personnel:

Adaptation to the safety policies of EJIE, with which familiarity and compliance is mandatory

Tendering process:

Submission of tenders


Services provided by successful bidders with staff ascribed as personal resources of awarded contracts

  • In order to comply with the occupational health and safety-related obligations, coordination of business activities and information security, bidders shall provide the information required by EJIE concerning the company and its personnel on the digital application though the following link.
    Access to the business coordination application.
    To request information about how to register for this application, please send an email to one of the following IP addresses:,,
    Submission and subsequent validation of the information required by EJIE through this application shall be an indispensable requirement for access to buildings.
    The General Procurement Conditions document on the back of the order must be signed and submitted on electronic format.
  • In the event of subcontracting, as set forth in item 1.9 of the General Procurement Conditions, the attached form shall be submitted to EJIE duly stamped and signed by the legal representative.
    Sub-contracting authorisation request form

Procurement of supplies:

  • Materials
  • In the event that installation of the materials is required, the final installation certificate shall be signed by both parties as set forth in the General Procurement Conditions.
  • Contracting and/or invoicing the procurement performed by EJIE, S.A. shall not be effective until the documentation required in each case has been duly submitted.

Promoting eco-hiring:

  • According to Resolution 6/2008, of 2 June, of the Director of the Secretariat of Government and Relations with Parliament, which provides for the publication of the Government Agreement on the incorporation of social and other policies in the contracting of the Administration of the Autonomous Community and its public sector by which the "Instruction for the incorporation of social and environmental criteria and other public policies in contracting" is published, EJIE has included social and environmental, and labor criteria, as far as possible, as provided for in said Instruction, in the provisions of the specifications of the contracts, in the award procedure and in the execution of the contract itself, without prejudice to that of the general principles applicable to the contractual activity, in particular, those of competition, equality and non-discrimination and the freedoms of provision of services and movement of goods.


  • In all procurement, social criteria, including those linked to the promotion of equality between women and men, and environmental criteria will be incorporated in a transversal and mandatory manner, provided that they are related to the object of the contract, in the belief that their inclusion provides a better value for money in the contractual provision, as well as greater and better efficiency in the use of public funds. Access to public procurement will also be facilitated for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for social economy enterprises. Likewise, EJIE will assess the incorporation of social considerations, including those related to the promotion of equality between women and men, as well as environmental and innovation aspects as positive aspects in public procurement procedures and will promote the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises and free access to information, in the terms provided for in the LCSP.