Who we are

Facilities and resources

Ejie currently manages three Data Processing Centres (DPCs) in different strategically located areas of the Basque Country, the main centre having 1,000 m2 of facilities and the other two covering workload contingencies for the latter.

Among these 3 locations there are more than 13,200 active servers, physical and virtual, with storage capacity reaching more than 19,735 TB.

More than 5,500 application servers and more than 1,800 databases are managed on these servers, which support more than 4,500 applications and services.

With these infrastructures, services are provided centrally for the entire public administration under the Basque Government, some of which are:

  • Secure centralized management of more than 206,000 workstations with over 13,880 printing systems. This service supports more than 177,000 users in their daily functions.

  • The management of security and communications of more than 1,360 locations throughout the Basque Country.

  • Secure centralized management of WI-FI networks with more than 11,790 access points.

  • Secure centralized management of an IP telephony network of more than 31,340 devices.