Included in this line are those services based mainly on technological components and their use by users and clients.

These services are intended to provide customers with any technical or technological component that they may need to carry out their activities, guaranteeing, where appropriate, while always complying with standards and providing support to them in case of failure.

Within the infrastructure line, EJIE has the following services:

Within the Housing service, EJIE provides the infrastructure and technological elements necessary for its clients to host their applications and data.

The service can be adapted to the specific needs of the client, considering among them: physical space, technological infrastructure, support, management, security and continuity aspects of the infrastructure supplied and the products housed.

The Operations service includes the tasks necessary to operate a product/application within the Basque Government infrastructure managed by EJIE, as well as its management and support in the production environment, in order to ensure that said product is providing service with the required quality levels.

As part of the service, the support of the infrastructure and base software supplied is included, as well as the client products' housed.

The service covers the global technological management of applications, computing, storage, networks and contingencies in a flexible way. It covers the entire life cycle from the identification of the systems to be integrated into the Batera Cloud, through the definition and transition to the cloud and its operation and support once integrated.

The IaaS service offers, under an Infrastructure as a Cloud Service (Cloud IAAS) modality, an agile Information Technology model that prioritizes speed and flexibility.

It is a Cloud with hybrid interoperability based on automated Infrastructure and secure application segmentation, conceived to provide IT services to the Basque Government, Autonomous Bodies (OOAA) and other Entities of the Basque Public sector.

The IaaS service can be internally nurtured by Public Cloud services in a transparent way for customers.