All the services in the catalog include user support, identity and access management, and standard security monitoring defined for each service when they are hired.


The following services and promotions are also provided.

The primary goal of the identity and access management service, hereinafter the IAM service, is to establish the guidelines for identity governance in the services EJIE provides to entities that consume or administer convergent services.

The following typologies of service are provided:

  • Administrator identities
    • They are administrative identities or ones that have some kind of privilege that can be granted to any person who can administer a convergent service globally or partially:
      • Authorised users from entities
      • Support users (systems)
      • Technical assistance (development)
      • Ejie
  • Managed Identities
    • They are always consumption identities that allow consuming convergent services.
  • Cloud Identities
    • They allow access to cloud applications or services, which may be services provided in convergence or an entity’s own cloud services.

The user service provides support for users (human capital) of the companies, providing value, trust and reliability. We have staff, technology and processes prepared and oriented specifically to help people with their day-to-day relationship with technology, creating security among the members of the team and fostering trust in the tools used every day for business processes.

Its goal is to be the single point of bilingual contact for resolving or managing incidents that are generally circumscribed by the IT sphere, although it is possible to create AD-HOC definitions for certain processes. (employees (B2E), consumers (B2C), professionals (B2B))