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EJIE-LCSP Internal Document-Hiring Processes (Public Sector Contracts Law)

Decree 60/1982 dated 1 February adopts the incorporation of Eusko Jaurlaritzaren Informatika Elkartea - Sociedad Informatica del Gobierno Vasco S.A. (EJIE) and Decree 20/2009 regulates the amendment of EJIE's articles of incorporation with respect to the adaptation of trading companies that operate as public authority proprietary instruments and technical services in accordance with the legislation on public sector procurement, according to which their status as such must be reflected in their articles of incorporation.

EJIE-LCSP Internal Document-Hiring Processes (Public Sector Contracts Law) (PDF, 412 KB)

EJIE is part of the public sector in the Basque Country and has its own trading and instrumental nature and as a technical service of the Government of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. It is not a Public Authority, which makes it a non-public authority procurement body (NPAPB), taking into account the provisions of Article 3 of Royal Legislative Decree 3/2001 dated 14 November that adopts the Consolidated Text of the Public Sector Procurement Act (hereinafter TRLCSP).

The contracts made by EJIE shall be of a private nature and shall be governed by the provisions of the TRLCSP with respect to drafting, award and amendment.

The instructions approved by EJIE are obligatory for the company’s internal governance and regulate the procurement procedure for contracts not subject to harmonised regulation in order to guarantee the principles governed by the associated EU Directives and transposition of the same into Spanish law. These principles are: the principle of publicity, concurrence, transparency, confidentiality, equality and non-discrimination.

Notwithstanding the above, in order to systematise all EJIE’s procurement procedures in a single document for internal dissemination, the procurement procedure for cases subject to harmonised regulation - imperatively subject to the provisions set forth for these contracts in the TRLCSP - is set forth in an addendum.

These IICs will be made available to all interested parties by publication on EJIE’s procurement profile,

EJIE-LCSP Internal Document-Hiring Processes (Public Sector Contracts Law) (PDF, 412 KB)