Other services

Services that cannot b classified within the other lines and are usually defined on the basis of specific projects and consolidated into services at a later stage.

This line also includes tailor-made services designed and created by EJIE to cover the special requirements of customers within a given period of time.

EJIE includes the following services in the Other Services line:

This service provides users with the technological resources required to perform their daily activities in their workplace external to the Corporate Network of the Basque Government (RCAGV) in accordance with their particular needs on their own premises.

All services associated with the particular needs of customers and that cannot be covered by other catalogue services are included in this category. They are created specifically for customers and are withdrawn once their service period ends.

In the event that a tailor-made service can be reused, EJIE’s Management, supported by other roles, will assess whether they can be incorporated into the Services Catalogue.

Last modified date: 13/09/2017