Infrastructure and operation

This line includes services based mainly on technological components and employment of the same by users and customers.

These services are intended to provide customers with technical or technological components they may need to carry out their activities, ensuring compliance with standards at all times and providing support in the event of failure as required.

EJIE provides the following services in the infrastructure and operation line:

EJIE provides the infrastructures and technological elements required for its customers to run their applications and store data on its servers.

The service can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer including the physical space, technological infrastructure, support, management, security and continuity aspects of the infrastructure provided and of the hosted products.

The Operation service includes the tasks required to operate a product/application within the Basque Government infrastructure managed by EJIE and management and support of the same in the production environment in order to ensure that the product is performing within the required parameters.

It includes support of the infrastructure and software base provided and of the customers’ products hosted on the same as part of the service.

This service provides users with the technological resources required to carry out their daily activities in their workplace within the Corporate Network of the Basque Government (RCAGV), complying at all times with the policies and standards specified by the Basque Government.

Last modified date: 13/09/2017